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We have the concept of "No creation without destruction" as a concept. "Destruction" means shaking off the fixed concept of denim and leather.

The concept is [without destruction, without creation].

Destruction means shaking off the stereotypes of denim and leather.

We aim to create a new frontier for two materials and send them from Kumamoto.

[Who Are You?]

A modern day full of things. A rich life where you can easily get everything. On the other hand, the feeling for "individual" is fading. SANLDK sends out products that raise the one and only existence "you" from the vortex of trends.

[I Am Me]

So that "you" who haven't seen it yet can respond. I hope SANLDK's products will help you.

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An uplifting feeling when passing through the sleeves.
I want to convey the original meaning of fashion, which is to express myself.
I believe that fashion can only be completed if there are "people" who wear clothes, not just clothes. Instead of worrying about someone and choosing something, wear something that you want to wear. I want you to express yourself without lying to yourself in the present age when all kinds of information are scattered, confused, and easily available, and even the correctness is in jeopardy.


2018.09.24 / FMK Morning Glory「月曜対談」出演

2019.05.25 / 5ch(ファイブチャンネル)「JEANS特集」出演

2019.11.24 / まちなかコレクション in KUMAMOTO 出演及び衣装提供

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